Co-de stands for complex developments. Ultimately, we are interested in social development processes. Societal transformation is a complex issue, and is therefore ideally analysed from an interdisciplinary angle. In our texts, we refer to the following definition of development:

development; noun (GROWTH)

the process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more advanced” (Cambridge Dictionary).

Our Motives

Rooted in our shared concerns, Complex Developments Blog aims to create a platform that provides information and thoughts about important societal developments. On the basis of this vision, this blog was established to sharpen our research and communication skills.

We write about interlinked social, economic, and political development spheres, both at the global as well as the national level. Each of our writers specialize in different developmental viewpoints (see testimonials of our members below). This allows us to examine broad topics from various angles.

We at Complex Developments Blog

We are a group of young social science graduates, brought together by previous studies and common interests. From our team, Otso and Yannick take the main responsibilities, while Flo, Kia, Søren, and Andreas contribute in their turn for every other article.


Otso Rajala 


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For questions, suggestions, and cooperation opportunities, you can reach us at complexdevelopmentsblog[at]gmail.com.